September 2000

Public Involvement Administer

The Public Involvement Administrator (PIA) has an agency wide focus and is the champion for the PI Plan and program. The PIA is a resource for the Public Involvement Liaisons (PILs) in the Districts. The PIA also supervises and coordinates with the Headquarters PIL. The PIA also works closely with the divisions and bureaus at headquarters to initiate public involvement activities. In short, this position serves as a communication resource for the agency.

In spring 1999, for instance, the PIA worked with the KDOT surveyors to develop a brochure about the life of a project and how the surveyors fit in to the process. The brochure also includes KDOT contact and phone numbers so customers know where to call for additional information. The surveyors have distributed several hundred of the brochures to the public.

The PIA also makes sure that KDOT employees are trained to understand their role as KDOT Ambassadors or representatives. This is done through formal training seminars at New Employee Orientation, Supervisory Training, and other division or bureau meetings. Information is also presented through a monthly column in the KDOT employee's newsletter.

Another responsibility is to manage the statewide customer service line, the KDOT Connection. This line has been established to enhance KDOT's customer service efforts. The toll-free line routes the customer to the closest district allowing local KDOT employees to address local issues. The line is currently in the testing phase and plans are to have it fully functional by fall of 2000.

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