September 2000

Headquarters Public Involvement Liaisons (HQ PILs)

The Headquarters Public Involvement Liaisons are dedicated to assisting with project-specific public involvement efforts. Specifically, the goal is to involve the public early and continuously throughout the design phase of a project. The HQ PILs coordinate project workgroups both internally and externally. The HQ PILs also organize and lead public meetings. These positions develop presentation materials and coach the project team. The HQ PILs have become contacts for the public, which has relieved the design staff leaders of this previously-held duty. These positions respond to public inquiries through phone calls, e-mail, and U.S. mail. KDOT Squad Leaders are now able to more solely focus on their design work since this burden has been relieved. The HQ PILs keep the lines of communication with the public open by establishing mailing lists and distributing project fact sheets as they are warranted. Also, additional meetings are held with public officials and members of the public if needed.

Specifically, this section has done involvement work on the following highway and bridge projects or studies: K-4 in Jefferson County, US-69 in Linn and Miami counties, I-70/K-7 and I-635 in Wyandotte County, US-169 in Miami County, US-77 in Butler County, Missouri River Bridge in Atchison County, US-59 in Douglas and Franklin Counties, K-7 in Doniphan County, US-69 in Crawford County, and the US-54/US-400 corridor in south-central Kansas.

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