Performance Management at KDOT

The Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) Division of Performance Management is focused on developing and implementing agency-wide performance measures aligned to the agency’s vision, mission and goals. KDOT believes that transparency, accountability and easily accessible information is key to running an efficient, effective and safe transportation system.

KDOT is committed to continuous improvement of these assets and being good stewards of Kansans’ tax dollars. The Performance Measures website contains helpful information for the public to track progress on KDOT’s performance goals, including two dashboards: the Kansas Strategic Performance Measures Dashboard and the Federal Performance Measures Dashboard. The data shared through these dashboards is an opportunity to inform Kansans on KDOT’s vision, mission, values and overall progress in achieving these goals.

The ongoing review and reporting of these measures will help the agency make informed decisions that maximize the impact of Kansans’ tax dollars.