KDOT Rules and Regulations

Summary of Rulemaking Process

The rulemaking process is required by Kansas law and allows members of the public as well as stakeholders to equally and equitably take part in the process by providing information related to proposed rules and regulations publicly available and the opportunity to provide feedback through the public comment and hearing – however KDOT’s assessment of these comments is not simply a count of how many for and how many against.

As part of the rulemaking process, the agency will use this website to manage information.

Once a comment is submitted to KDOT, staff will review each comment for any personally identifying information (such as social security numbers) and for any inappropriate language. KDOT may choose to not make such comments publicly viewable or may choose to redact information as needed. Submitted comments may be approved for publishing on the KDOT webpage on an ongoing, ‘rolling’ basis, or all together at the end of the comment period.

KDOT will review any and all issues raised and respond to substantive comments often grouped by concern. Responses will be in a document posted on this page.

If new issues are raised that KDOT thinks central to the proposed regulation, KDOT may issue a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking, incorporating those issues and asking for more comments. KDOT may also decide not to proceed with the rulemaking at all. If KDOT decides not to continue, it may take no action or it may publish a document on this page formally withdrawing the proposal.

Please note that each step in the rulemaking process may take a different amount of time and steps may be repeated.

Rules and Regulations

Adopted Rules and Regulations

To view rules and regulations adopted by KDOT, please visit the agency’s page on the Kansas Secretary of State’s website at Kansas Secretary of State - KAR Regulations (ks.gov).

Proposed Rules and Regulations

No proposed Rules and Regulations currently.

Submit a Formal Comment

To submit a formal comment on a proposed rule and regulation, please click on the “Submit a Formal Comment” icon, from which will load a comment form. When making a formal comment via the form, please make sure to include the number and title of the proposed regulation you are commenting on, and identify whether you are commenting in favor of, opposition to, or neutrally on the proposed regulation.

Contact Us

For general questions and comments about KDOT rules and regulations, please submit them in writing to KDOT#PublicInfo@ks.gov.

Additional Resources

The Kansas Register is the official state newspaper and is published every Thursday. It provides information about proposed and adopted Kansas Administrative regulations.

Additional information on the rulemaking process can be found in the Kansas Department of Administration’s Policy and Procedure Manual for the Filing of Administrative Regulations.