September 2000


At the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) public involvement isn't just a requirement, it's becoming a way of life. KDOT adopted its Public Involvement Plan (PI Plan) in 1997. The PI Plan forms the roadmap for KDOT's Public Involvement Program. It was developed with input from KDOT employees, the traveling public, cooperating agencies, legislators, other state departments of transportation, consultants, and contractors. As defined in the PI Plan, public involvement is two-way communication with interested parties to develop an improved organization, project, or program. In other words, public involvement occurs when KDOT provides information to the public and then uses public input as a factor in decision-making.

After three years of implementation, much has been accomplished. Public Involvement professionals have been hired at headquarters. The Public Involvement Administrator has an agency wide focus. The Public Involvement Liaison for Headquarters has been providing a high level of support for the Bureau of Design. And Public Involvement Liaison positions have been established and staffed within each district.

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