September 2000

South Central Kansas (District Five)

I-135 Reconstruction Project Public Meeting
(Newton - October 7, 1999)
From February 1999-November 1999 KDOT staff and Wittwer Paving Company representatives met on a monthly basis with local business owners and managers at the Newton Factory Outlet Stores to discuss interstate construction schedule and ramp closings and reopenings. The KDOT District Construction Engineer and the Outlet Stores Manager developed a special cooperative signage program to direct interstate travelers to this local business district and reduce driver confusion during this construction project.
US-54 Corridor Management Committee
(Augusta - October 20, 1999)
KDOT El Dorado Area Engineer and District Five Public Involvement Liaison met with the Augusta US-54 Corridor Management Committee to discuss planning for future city growth and transportation needs served by US-54. The committee was made up of seven local residents and business people with the City Engineer and City Planner working in advisory roles.
US-54 System Enhancement Public meeting
(Greensburg - November 4, 1999)
District Engineer and District Public Involvement Liaison attended a public meeting at the Greensburg Grade School Cafeteria to answer questions about US-54 and the City of Greensburg's intent to submit a KDOT System Enhancement application. About 200 people including Kansas Legislators, Kiowa County Commissioners, area business people and local residents attended the meeting.
Corridor Management Public Meeting
(Augusta - December 9, 1999)
District Public Involvement Liaison assisted with the development of display materials, spoke to the public attending this meeting about KDOT's Corridor Management Policies and assisted with public questions and suggestions.
Tourism Signage for the City of Hutchinson
(Hutchinson - February 7, 2000)
District Engineer and District Public Involvement Liaison met with the Hutchinson Assistant City Manager to discuss highway signage location and content promoting tourism in Hutchinson.
I-135 Reconstruction Project Public Meeting
(Wichita - March 6, 2000)
District Engineer, District Public Involvement Liaison, KDOT Headquarters Design Staff, and staff from Professional Design Consultants, P.A.; met at the Atwater Center with Wichita City Council members, and Wichita Director of Public Works; to discuss I-135 Reconstruction Project.
KQM Youth Educational Tour
((Great Bend - April 11 & 12, 2000)
KDOT staff members teamed with Kansas Highway Patrol, Barton County Sheriff's Office, and the Great Bend 911 to sponsor Youth Educational Tours for sixth graders from several communities. The tours focused on how KDOT maintains the Kansas highway system and highway safety. About 675 sixth grade students from 16 schools in the Great Bend Area participated. The event generated a lot of publicity for KDOT.
US-50 Bridge Replacement Project
(Kinsley - May 16, 2000)
KDOT sponsored a meeting to inform public officials, affected businesses, and the general public about the upcoming project to reconstruct the US-50 bridge. About 20 local individuals attended the meeting. Meeting notice was provided through the newspapers in Kinsley, Hutchinson and Dodge City; and through meeting notices posted at the Kinsley City Hall and other public places.
US-54 Freeway Project
(Wichita - June 28, 2000)
KDOT held a meeting at the Wichita Airport Hilton, in cooperation with the City of Wichita to inform affected businesses and the general public about this project scheduled to start in 2001.