September 2000

Southeast Kansas (District Four)

Riverton Town Meeting
(Riverton-June 30, 1999)
About 40 members of the public concerned about recent heavy flooding in and around Riverton met with members of the KDOT staff to discuss their concerns. The residents claimed that a newly constructed KDOT bridge was the cause of the floods. The KDOT staff offered other explanations and answered numerous questions.
Southeast Kansas Regional Planning Commission
(June, 1999)
The District Engineer met with a group of officials from southeast Kansas to discuss the Comprehensive Transportation Program and other transportation issues.
US-69 Pittsburg Bypass Meeting
(Pittsburg-August 1999)
KDOT held an open house meeting to solicit input from the public about three potential alternatives for bypassing the city of Pittsburg. About 200 people attended the meeting.
Presentation to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
(Independence-Summer 1999)
The District Engineer spoke to a group of AARP members in Independence. They discussed transportation issues for the members of this community in southeast Kansas.
Corridor Management Meetings (Pittsburg-September 1, 1999)
(Ottawa-April 5, 2000)
Planners, officials, and interested members of the public met to focus on access and planning issues. In Pittsburg the meeting focused primarily on the hoped-for bypass. In Ottawa the main concern was about development and access along K-68.
US-160 Highway Issues
(Longton- June 27, 2000)
The district engineer met with officials and members of the public to discuss the community's concerns along the highway. The district engineer took the comments and concerns he heard to the KDOT officials in Topeka.
Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee
(Ft. Scott-August 2000)
The District Engineer met with a group made up of local officials and members of the community to discuss the construction schedules for different segments of construction on US-69. The group also discussed concerns about US-54.
Caney Bypass Meeting
(Summer 2000)
The District Engineer met with the mayor of Caney and various city officials about KDOT's plans to bypass Caney.
Monthly Radio Spot
Each month the District Engineer is featured on the "Talkline" program on KGGF-AM, Coffeyville/Fredonia. During these segments the District Engineer addresses various transportation issues in southeast Kansas. Each spot lasts about 20-25 minutes.