September 2000

Northwest Kansas (District Three)

Northwest Kansas County Official's Meeting
(St. Francis-October 21, 1999)
The Public Involvement Liaison and the District Staff Engineer attended the Northwest Kansas County Official's Meeting and outlined the new Comprehensive Transportation Program to county commissioners and other county officials within the district.
I-70 Snow/Ice Meeting with Highway Patrol and Law Enforcement
(Quinter-October 27, 1999)
The District Engineer, Assistant District Engineer, Public Involvement Liaison, Area Superintendents, and Subarea Supervisors attended a snow meeting with officers from the Kansas Highway Patrol and County Sheriff Department Officials to discuss snow removal procedures for the upcoming winter. The group discussed procedures for notifying businesses and the public about road closings during inclement weather.
KDOT Panel Discussion on Snow Procedures
(Oakley-December 17, 1999)
Members of the media as well as District personnel attended a snow and ice panel discussion hosted by the District. The group discussed the practice of applying salt brine. An informational video was shown, and a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Goodland explained winter weather patterns and the procedures for forecasting winter weather.
Presentation to Norton Rotary Club
(Norton-February, 2000)

The District Engineer and Public Involvement Liaison spoke to the Norton Rotary Club about KDOT’s Public Involvement Program and gave a short presentation about the projects included in the Comprehensive Transportation Program for Norton County. The speakers answered questions from the group.

US-36 Project Presentation to Atwood Rotary Club
(Atwood-March 9, 2000)
The Public Involvement Liaison explained the scope of the major modification/realignment job just getting underway east of Atwood on US-36 Highway to members of the Atwood Rotary Club. The PIL also talked about other projects within the CTP and fielded questions about KDOT.
Northwest Kansas County Official's Meeting
(Colby-April 19, 2000)
The District Engineer and the Public Involvement Liaison gave a joint presentation about the Comprehensive Transportation Program. The PIL explained how the program was funded and addressed different aspects of the program while the DE explained in detail the major CTP projects and detours in District Three.
CTP Presentation to Norton Lion's Club
(Norton- May 16, 2000)
The Public Involvement Liaison gave a presentation on the Comprehensive Transportation Program, explaining how the bill was passed in the legislature, how the program is funded, and outlining different aspects of the program. The PIL specifically explained the projects and detours that will affect Norton County.
K-27 Geometric Improvement Project
(Goodland- June 16, 2000)
The District assisted with an informational meeting about the closing of Goodland's main Business Exit off I-70 in conjunction with a Geometric Improvement Project on K-27. Several business owners attended the meeting, as well as members of the Goodland Press. Two subsequent meetings were held to update the public on the progress of this project.