South Central News Releases - 2020

Survey to begin for U.S. 183 bridge replacement in Kiowa County (12/23/20)

Survey to begin for U.S. 54 pavement replacement in Kingman County (12/22/20)

Winfield’s John Berndsen reaches 30 years with KDOT (11/23/20)

New, wider K-14 bridge opens south of Kingman (11/13/20)

Survey for proposed replacement of Barber County bridge (11/9/20)

Some 125th Street ramps at I-135 will close for project (10/22/20)

K-14 resurfacing north of Lyons begins soon (10/14/20)

U.S. 50 in Stafford County to receive crack repair (9/30/20)

Section of U.S. 183 in Kinsley to be closed for RR crossing work (9/30/20)

$10.7 million resurfacing on U.S. 54/ (9/29/20)

U.S. 183 guardrail work in Rush County to begin (9/25/20)

Greensburg’s Norman Unruh is retiring from KDOT after 43 years (9/23/20)

U.S. 56 resurfacing work in Rice County to start soon (9/21/20)

Crack repair to begin on U.S. 56, U.S. 183 in Pawnee County (9/14/20)

K-14 pavement marking to start in Reno, Rice counties (9/14/20)

Survey to start on proposed U.S. 81 bridge in Sumner County (9/3/20)

Survey to begin on U.S. 160 from near I-35 to Oxford (9/1/20)

U.S. 400 resurfacing in Butler County to start (8/31/20)

Pavement marking to begin on U.S. 56 in Barton County (8/26/20)

K-55 bridge between Belle Plaine, Udall to be closed for survey (8/26/20)

Crack-repair project to begin on Rush County section of K-96 (8/26/20)

Surveys to begin for shoulder widening on K-42 in Sedgwick, Sumner counties (8/20/20)

Fourth Avenue in Hutchinson reopens after patching work (8/13/20)

Reopened: Reno County section of K-14 is back open after pipeline work (8/12/20)

U.S. 160 in Sumner, Cowley counties being resurfaced (8/11/20)

U.S. 54 guardrail work south of El Dorado to begin soon (8/10/20)

K-96 section in Barton County to be resurfaced (8/6/20)

Reno County section of K-14 to close for pipeline maintenance (7/31/20)

Patching to begin on 31-mile section of K-96 in Reno, Sedgwick counties (7/27/20)

U.S. 56 resurfacing in Barton County to start soon (7/23/20)

$1 million project to replace U.S. 81 bridge in Sumner County (7/14/20)

K-15 in Cowley, Sumner counties to be resurfaced (7/13/20)

UPDATE: Closure of Fourth Avenue at K-14 in Hutchinson is now expected to last three weeks, not two weeks (7/10/20)

K-14 patching will close part of Fourth Street in Hutchinson (7/2/20)

$3.76 million project to repair I-135 in Harvey County (7/1/20)

Survey to begin for proposed U.S. 54 passing lanes in Kiowa County (6/30/20)

U.S. 54 has reopened to full traffic west of Pratt after closure due to crash (6/30/20)

K-96 section in Rush County is being resurfaced (6/30/20)

Crash closes U.S. 54 west of Pratt (6/30/20)

Survey on U.S. 50 in Harvey, Marion counties on passing lane extensions (6/29/20)

U.S. 54 passing lanes survey to begin in Pratt County (6/26/20)

U.S. 50 passing lanes survey to begin in Edwards County (6/26/20)

U.S. 54 bridge over railroad in Augusta opens to full traffic (6/24/20)

$5 million resurfacing on U.S. 50 in Harvey County begins soon (6/24/20)

UPDATED: 12 miles of U.S. 160 in Harper County to be resurfaced (6/23/20)

12 miles of U.S. 160 in Harper County to be resurfaced (6/22/20)

$5.7 million project to resurface part of K-254 in Butler County (6/19/20)

New bridge opens on U.S. 56 in Rice County (6/18/20)

$1.2 million project to resurface K-196 stretch in Harvey County (6/18/20)

K-11, K-42 resurfacing set in Kingman, Reno, Sumner counties (6/15/20)

K-15 surfacing work in Cowley County to start soon (6/15/20)

U.S. 56 section in Larned to be reconstructed (6/10/20)

K-14 reopens after crash west of Nickerson (5/29/20)

Crash closes K-14/96 west of Nickerson (5/29/20)

U.S. 281 bridge north of Great Bend to be replaced (5/26/20)

U.S. 50/281 roundabout opens in Stafford County (5/22/20)

UPDATE: U.S. 50 reopens on east side of Hutch after being closed by crash (5/19/20)

Accident closes U.S. 50 on east side of Hutch; traffic rerouted (5/19/20)

K-14 bridge south of Kingman to be replaced; there will be detour (5/18/20)

Great Bend’s Huddleston marks 30 years with KDOT (5/15/20)

K-156 pavement-marking in Pawnee County delayed by rain (5/15/20)

Doug Coates, of Pratt, marks 35 years with KDOT (5/11/20)

U.S. 81 culvert being replaced in Sumner County (5/11/20)

Project to seal cracks on K-4 through Rush County (5/11/20)

After four decades with KDOT, Watts has a story to tell (5/4/20)

$884,292 project to repair Whitewater River bridges near Augusta (5/4/20)

Patching work resumes on I-135 in Newton (4/20/20)

Almost $2.2 million resurfacing on U.S. 281 in Barton, Stafford (4/20/20)

Robin Gregory retiring after 28 years (4/14/20)

113 Mill Overlay Release (4/13/20)

$2.24 million job to resurface about 13 miles of K-14 in Kingman County (4/13/20)

New start dates for K-19, K-156 pavement marking (4/8/20)

New start date for K-49 project in Sumner County (4/6/20)

One lane of I-135 in Newton to be affected by work on April 1 (3/31/20)

Update on U.S. 56 bridge progress in Rice County (3/31/20)

K-19, K-156 in Pawnee, Stafford counties to get pavement marking (3/30/20)

Crack seal work to begin on K-49 in Sumner County (3/27/20)

On east side of El Dorado, U.S. 54 bridge work resumes (3/26/20)

Work resumes on U.S. 54 bridge over railroad in Augusta (3/26/20)

Doreen Mitchell retiring from KDOT Great Bend after 35 years (3/16/20)

$2 million repair project on U.S. 183 starts soon in Rush County (3/12/20)

$1 million project to repair bridge near Larned, limit traffic (3/4/20)

Traffic flow change at U.S 50/281 roundabout work zone (3/4/20)

U.S. 50 stretch in Edwards County to get pavement repair (2/24/20)

K-61 portion in Reno County to get new pavement markings (2/24/20)

One lane of I-135 in Newton to be closed for work (2/17/20)

Reno, Kingman, Barber, Stafford highway repair job is set (2/12/20)

A treasure hunt for Kansas highway history (1/31/20)

K-156 bridge in Barton County to be repaired (1/31/20)

U.S. 54 reopens between Pratt, Greensburg (1/31/20)

U.S. 54 from Pratt to Greensburg remains closed (1/27/20)

Work beginning at U.S. 50 bridges near Stafford (1/7/20)