Kansas Bicycle Information


Bicycle Route Information

It is strongly suggested that only those experienced bicyclists defined as being 16 years or older, having a valid driver's license and having several years of bicycling experience should ride on the Kansas State Highway System without an experienced adult riding partner. Novice adults and younger bicyclists are encouraged to begin using off-road trails and gain skills in a bicycle-only environment. After gaining experience, bicyclists may then choose to ride on segments of the Kansas State Highway System that they are comfortable with based on the criteria shown on this map. Bicyclists crossing the entire state are encouraged to use the "suggested cross state routes."

This map of the Kansas State Highway System shows ranges of daily traffic volume and the availability of paved shoulders, three feet wide or greater. This information is intended to assist experienced bicyclists in selecting a route based on their preferences for bicycling either on the highway or on the shoulder. Bicyclists should also be advised that speed limits are 70 mph on most four-lane divided state highways. Cross state bicycle routes were identified based on the frequency of sections along the routes which have paved shoulders and low/moderate traffic volumes.


Any inclusion of a suggested route on this map does not certify it to be a safe bicycle route. The Kansas State Highway System was not designed for bicycle touring and has no special provisions for bicyclists. Bicyclists using this map assume the risk for their own safety when bicycling on the routes indicated on this map.