Kansas Bicycle Map

The 2023-25 edition of the Kansas Bicycle Map is now available! Order your printed map now and/or view the digital version below. Whether you're looking to ride a bicycle from one county to the next or across the entire state, this new edition has a lot to offer for those planning a short trip or a long ride.

Maps are available free of charge and can now be requested through the Kansas Bicycle Map Request Portal.

You will have the option of ordering the following:

Map                                        Safety Flyer

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Order your print copy on the online Map Request Portal now! To order maps by email or phone, please contact Jenny Kramer at Jenny.Kramer@ks.gov or call (785) 296-5186.

You may also view and download the map:
2023-2025 State Bicycle Map

We encourage you to consult the Kansas Bicycle Map and the Interactive Bicycle Map when making your travel plans.

The 2023-25 map includes a State map showing daily traffic volumes, county roads, rest areas, bike shops, byways, state parks, bicycle routes across Kansas, as well as the following:

  • Kansas Rail-Trails Revised Map and Infographic
  • Section on Sharing the Trail
  • Information on Kansas Tourism Cycling Resources
  • Information on the Kansas Active Transportation Plan
  • U.S. Bicycle Routes 76 and 66 information
  • A table of state recreation areas and amenities
  • State Bicycle laws

For a collection of interactive cycling maps published online by KDOT, go to:



Locally Produced Bike Maps:

State Bicycle Map

Selection of City Maps