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Kansas celebrates 50 years of Interstates

Kansas Transportation Secretary Deb Miller
Deb Miller,
Kansas Secretary
of Transportation

A Message from Deb Miller, Secretary of Transportation


The Interstate System was created when the Federal-Aid Highway Act was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on June 29, 1956. Kansas opened the first section of Interstate in the nation on I-70 just west of Topeka on November 14, 1956.

A total of 874 miles of Interstate are in Kansas (including the Kansas Turnpike). Maintaining this important infrastructure in the future is a top priority for the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

As we look forward to the challenges ahead, KDOT is proud to look back and see how far Interstates in Kansas have come. We invite you to celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of the day a fellow Kansan signed federal legislation to help make the dream of building Interstates across the United States come true.


bridge over I-470 in Topeka
The bridge over I-470 in Topeka helps motorists transport goods in and around northeast Kansas.