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South Central News Releases

KDOT will resurface 38 miles of U.S. 50 in Edwards, Stafford counties (5/17/24)

U.S. 160 bridge being replaced in Harper County (5/13/24)

U.S. 400 motorists should be prepared to stop for repair in Butler County (5/13/24)

Upcoming K-14 ramp closures set in Reno County (5/9/24)

KDOT sets May 22 public meeting on K-254 Corridor Management Plan (5/8/24)

K-196 will be resurfaced in Butler County (5/6/24)

Rain causes adjustment to K-14 ramp work in Reno County (5/6/24)

$36 million project will rebuild 7 miles of U.S. 54 in Kingman County (5/2/24)

Old K-14 resurfacing is set in Sterling, Reno County (4/30/24)

Some K-14 ramps to open sooner; new closures set at other K-14 ramps (4/29/24)

U.S. 400 resurfacing is set in Kiowa County (4/25/24)

K-4 crack repair project is set in Rice County (4/24/24)

Two K-14 ramps to close at Wilson Road in Reno County (4/23/24)

Two K-14 ramps to close at Fourth Avenue in Reno County (4/18/24)

Two K-14 ramps to close at Sixth Avenue in Reno County (4/11/24)

KDOT sets May 2 open house for U.S. 50/Meridian Road interchange improvements and bridge replacement (4/11/24)

Southbound K-14 ramp to eastbound U.S. 50 to close in Reno County (4/9/24)

New ramp closures scheduled for K-14 work in Reno County (4/4/24)

Bridge repairs to begin in Kingman, Barber counties (4/1/24)

Repair on U.S. 281 bridge is set in Barber County (4/1/24)

Part of Old K-14 south of Sterling is set to be closed April 9 (4/1/24)

K-14 ramp closure/reopening schedules are adjusted in Reno County (3/29/24)

Southbound K-14 ramp closure in Reno County scheduled (3/28/24)

K-14 ramp closures in Reno County delayed (3/25/24)

K-14 ramp closures will start soon in Reno County (3/18/24)

U.S. 166 guardrail project in Sumner County to begin soon (3/18/24)

U.S. 166 pavement marking project is set in Cowley County (3/18/24)

K-96 patching project to begin in Reno County (3/18/24)

U.S. 50 lighting work in Reno County to begin (3/18/24)

U.S. 54/77 resurfacing in Butler County is set (3/18/24)

Pipe work on U.S. 160 west of Wellington is set (3/15/24)

U.S. 160 resurfacing west of Wellington to begin soon (3/11/24)

K-96 resurfacing to begin in Barton, Rush counties (3/11/24)

KTA project will close U.S. 166 bridge, result in detour (3/11/24)

Four south central Kansas highway projects added to IKE Development Pipeline (3/7/24)

K-14 patching to start soon in Reno County (3/5/24)

Traffic on Old K-14 to be restricted soon at bridge south of Sterling (2/29/24)

Field survey set for K-11 bridge replacement in Reno County (2/28/24)

U.S. 81 crack repair in Sumner County to begin soon (2/13/24)

K-14 ramps to temporarily close to install high mast towers (2/2/24)

Field survey is set for culvert replacement on north side of Newton (1/17/24)

Jan. 22 is new detour start date for U.S. 54 project near Mullinville (1/11/24)

All major south central Kansas highways open, but caution still needed (1/9/24)

Many highways reopening in south central Kansas; travel should be avoided (1/9/24)

Most highways in Pratt County closed due to dangerous weather (1/9/24)

Blowing snow closes many highways in south central Kansas (1/8/24)

U.S. 54 project detour near Mullinville delayed to around Jan. 15 (1/8/24)

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