Inventory and Disposal

A function of the Right of Way Inventory and Disposal unit is the disposal of land that is no longer needed by KDOT.

The method of disposal depends on the nature of the tract, the rights acquired by KDOT and the manner in which the tract was acquired.

Tracts which are 'freestanding' - that is, they can be built on or used as separate parcels as defined by the local authority where the tract is located - will be disposed of by auction or sealed bid. Tracts which are not freestanding may be sold to abutting landowners.

Before KDOT can sell a tract of potential excess real estate it undergoes a research effort to determine KDOT's ownership interests and method of acquisition. Then it is reviewed by various Bureaus within the agency to determine if there is a present or future need for the property. If it is agreed that there is no need for the property, then an appraisal is done to determine its estimated fair market value. At times other agencies may need to review the proposed sale, and an environmental study may need to be done. At this point the tract may be put up for sale.

If you are interested in viewing our current list of freestanding properties scheduled for sale, please click on a property below. Each property has a plan and legal description as well as date and contact information.

Properties For Sale:


160-50 K-5345-01

Tr. 57 RID# 3483

Tr. 58 RID# 3484

If you wish to check into the availability of a tract of potential excess right-of-way, please contact us in writing with your formal request, a sketch or plat if possible, and the section-township-range and highway where the tract is located.

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Please visit our Property Management page for more information about our process of selling Structures to be removed.

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