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Structures to be Moved

When the Kansas Department of Transportation purchases structures  as part of a highway construction or an improvement project,  the original landowner may be given the option to retain the  structure to remove from the property. A retention value will  be established by the Property Management Section and the  landowner will be required to fulfill certain removal requirements. 

If the original landowner chooses not to retain the structure(s),  the Property Management Section may sell to the public the  structure to be removed. The sale may be done via a sealed  bid auction, an on-site auction, or an off-site auction. Generally,  an on-site auction is Property Management's preferred method. 

Notice of Auctions

Once KDOT has possession of the structure(s) and a decision  to sell the property has been made, the Property Management  Section publishes a notice of the auction in the Kansas Register,  no less than 30 days prior to the auction, and a notice of  the auction (once every week for three consecutive weeks prior  to the auction) in a local paper.

Property Management also maintains a database of companies  and individuals who wish to receive notices of auctions by mail. These notices are generally mailed out 3-4 week prior  to the auction. Although recipients can be notified of all  auctions that occur across the State of Kansas, notices can  also be sent out within specific KDOT districts, as outlined below:

District Map

If you wish to be notified by mail of auctions of structures to be removed send the following:

Phone Number (daytime)
Districts to include (1-6 or all)

To :
Kansas Department of Transportation
Attn: Property Management,
14th Fl Dwight D. Eisenhower State Office Building
700 SW Harrison St.
Topeka, Kansas 66603-3754

Via e-mail at David.Howard@ks.gov

Via facsimile at 785-296-0009

Or you can call toll free 1-877-461-3504

Current Auctions

If you are interested in viewing our current list of structures to be sold at auction,  please click on a property below. Each property contains the Notice of Auction,  Removal Requirements, Auction and Inspection dates, contact information, and other useful information.

Properties For Sale

Inspections of Structure

Approximately 1 week prior to an auction the structure(s)  will be open to the public for inspection and an agent will  be available to answer questions. The structure(s) are also  available for inspection approximately 30-mintute prior to  the auction.


Full payment of the purchase price is due the day of the  sale by cashier's check. Arrangements are made, at the conclusion  of the sale, to allow the successful bidder to acquire the  cashier's check. Once the check is received KDOT will provide  the successful bidder with a bill of sale for the structure. 

Removal Requirements

KDOT requires certain actions to be performed by the successful  bidder in conjunction with the remove of the structure. For  additional information, please review our general removal requirements. Removal requirements are determined  on a case-by-case basis and the specific removal requirements  are generally available for each auction 3-weeks prior to  the auction. The requirements will also be available at the  inspection and auction.

Performance Bonds

KDOT requires the successful bidder to sign a Performance  Bond and provide a cashiers check, generally in the amount   of $4,000.00 (Which will be tied to the removal requirements).  Once the removal requirement have been completed to KDOT's  satisfaction the performance bond will be released and the  cashier's check returned to the successful bidder.

Additional Information

please visit our Right of Way Inventory and Disposal page for more information about our  process of disposing of excess right of way and properties.

For further information please contact:

Penne Wege
Property Manager
Office: 785-588-0022
Toll Free: 1-877-461-3504


Kansas Department of Transportation
Bureau of Right of Way
Eisenhower State Office Building - 14th Floor
700 SW Harrison St
Topeka, KS 66603-3745
Toll Free: 1-877-461-6817
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