Bureau of Local Projects


General Information

Local Program Opportunities Guide (Updated 06/26/2023)

Kansas Local Infrastructure Planning Tool (KLIP)

Federal Aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies

Working with BLP on Locally Owned Projects

Who to Contact in Local Projects

LPA Administered Projects Information

KDOT Authentication & Resource Tracking (KART)

The Local Projects LPA Project Development Manual, KDOT Standard Drawings, Bridge Design Manuals, Design Software and other forms can now be downloaded with no fee. For help or information regarding the KDOT Authentication & Resource Tracking (KART), contact: KART Administrator: 785-368-7176

 LPA Right of Way Certification Program (ROWCP)

 KDOT Project Manager Certification Program

KDOT Pre-Project Certification Program

Special City/County Highway Fund

SCCHF 2024-2025 County Distribution Estimate

SCCHF 2024-2025 City Distribution Estimate

Awarded Projects

FFY 2018 Off-System Bridge Program

FFY 2019 Off-System Bridge Program 



KDOT Pipe Policy (NEW 12/13/2023)

BLP Memo 09-02 – Pipe Policy Supplemental #1

BLP Memo 13-14 – Pipe Policy Supplemental #2

Policy for Quarry Road Reimbursements


Consultant Services

PE Consultant Selection Packet (QBS) (Update 02/01/2019)

CE Consultant Selection Packet (QBS) (Update 02/01/2019)

BLP Progress Report Form

LPA On-Call Inspection List

BLP PE\CE Payment request form


County Engineer Report

2022 Summary of County Engineers’ Annual Reports

County Engineer Report Form (Updated 02/26/2024)


Federal Fund Exchange (FFE)

FFE Program Guidelines

FFE Training (Powerpoint Presentation)

FFE Request to Exchange Form

FFE Reimbursement Request Form

FFE Project Cost Comparison


General Forms and Documents

1301  Request for Revision to the Functional Classification System

1302   Request for Project (Updated 09/07/2018)

1304   Status of Utilities

1306   Right of Way Clearance Form (Updated 12/8/2016)

Real Property Acquisition Checklist

Real Property Acquisition for Kansas Highways, Roads, Streets, and Bridges

Relocation – Your Rights and Benefits as a Displaced Person Under the Federal Relocation Assistance Program

1307  List of Permits and Status of Same

1312  Request for Non-infrastructure Project (Updated 1/06/2015)

Environmental Exemption Certificate

Emergency Relief (ER)

ER Information and FAQ


E-Plans User Guide

E-Plan Requirements (Updated 08/07/2015)

FTP Instructions


City Connecting Link Improvement Program (CCLIP)

CCLIP Program Guidelines (Updated 01/08/2024)

1326  CCLIP SP Recap Form

1327  CCLIP SP Actual PE-Utility Cost Summary Form

1328  CCLIP SP Reimbursement Summary Form

1330  CCLIP Application Form


Bridge Information

1332  Off System Bridge Program Application

Off-System Bridge Program Fact Sheet

Local Projects Low Cost Bridge Standards 


Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program (KLBIP)

KLBIP Guidelines         

KLBIP Fact Sheet         

KLBIP Application         

KLBIP Reimbursement Request Form


Bridge Inspection Information

Bridge Inspection Portal

Kansas Local Bridge Inspection Team Leaders

KDOT Authentication & Resource Tracking (KART)

Local Projects Bridge Inspection Manual
Local Projects Bridge Inspection Docs and Forms
Local Projects Bridge Inspection Scope of Services

If you have questions for the Bridge Team, please email:



TEAP Application

Traffic Assistance Services for Kansas (TASK) Program


High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR) Program

HRRR Project Application(Updated 11/28/2022)

HRRR Systemic Improvements

HRRR Curve Conditions and Countermeasures

Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) Application

Local Road Safety Plan App Summary Map