Q. What is the State Highway System?
A. Those highways so designated by the Kansas Department of Transportation as provided by law. These highways carry Interstate, US, and K-route designations.

Q. Why did the project include only LiDAR data collection and extraction for the State Highway System instead of the entire state?
A. These data were intended primarily for use by KDOT as a reference as well as a means of tracking its assets, which are limited to the State Highway System. Additional factors include limitations to related funding and the amount of time required to complete this effort for all local, public roads.

Q. Are these GIS data extracts being maintained and updated?
A. They are not being directly edited in any way. These GIS data extracts are being used indirectly by KDOT to maintain, improve and review data in other systems. They are “snapshots” of the time they were collected.

Q. What is Street Smart™ and how do I get access to the Street Smart™ URLs included in the layers’ attributes?
A. Street Smart™ is Cyclomedia’s interactive web viewer for content and data they produce, including GeoCycloramas and point clouds. Each GIS feature from the 2021 Mobile LiDAR project includes a link to this system that takes the user directly to or adjacent to the related feature in that system, with the camera oriented toward the asset. Access to KDOT’s data in that application is controlled by KDOT and provided only to its staff and approved contractors. Please see the contact information to request access.

Q. What if I spot a problem with the data?
A. You are welcome to use the contact information below to report any problems you have identified with the GIS data collected as part of the 2021 Mobile LiDAR project. Please keep in mind when these data were collected since assets along the State Highway System are subject to change, maintenance, updates and, in some cases, to weather or other natural phenomena.

Please send all queries to kanplan@ksdot.org.

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