The state’s first Active Transportation Plan since 1995 explores the needs of people who walk, cycle, use mobility assistance devices, scoot, and more. In addition to the Plan, several toolkits and resources that complement the Plan and advance the needs of active transportation in local communities are available.

Kansas Active Transportation Plan (ATP) Toolkits
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations on Bridges – COMING SOON!

Other Kansas Active Transportation Plan Resources:
  • Active Transportation Stories Map - How Kansans Get Around Their Communities


ATP Video Series:

Kansas Stories:

Active Transportation is Fun

Active Transportation is Impactful

Active Transportation is Freedom

Active Transportation is Practical


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Info sheet (en español)
KansasATP Facebook Page
KDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Home Page
Kansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 1995

Public Engagement Meetings – February 2021 - Recording and Meeting Summary

Public Engagement Meetings - June 15, 2021 - Recording andMeeting Summary

Jenny Kramer
KDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

Matt Messina
KDOT Comprehensive Planning Unit Manager