Approaching  the roundabout

When  you approach a roundabout, slow down and decide as early as possible which exit  you want to take.  At a multilane  roundabout, the lane-use signs will guide you into the correct lane.

For a two-lane roundabout, use the left lane for going straight or making a left turn.

Use the right lane for a right turn or for going straight.

For a three-lane roundabout, note how the center lane is assigned on the lane-use signs.  It might be limited to going straight or it might used for a left turn or going straight.

Keep  to the right of the splitter island and yield to pedestrians using the  crosswalk.

Bicycles  are vehicles, too, and you should allow bicyclists to use the roundabout as if  they were driving a motorized vehicle.


Yield  when entering the roundabout


Yield  to traffic coming from the left at the yield line.  Don’t enter next to vehicles in the  roundabout, since they may use the next exit.  Don’t turn left when entering a roundabout or  you could cause a head-on collision.

If  an emergency vehicle is approaching on another leg, wait for the emergency  vehicle to use the roundabout before entering.


Driving  in the roundabout

Don’t  stop in the roundabout except to avoid a collision.  You have the right-of-way over entering  traffic.  Stay to the right of the  central island, keep moving, and travel in a counter-clockwise direction.  Follow the lane lines and stay in your lane.

Don’t  pass other vehicles in the roundabout and watch out for traffic crossing in  front of you.

If an emergency vehicle approaches from behind or at an entrance and if the roadway in the roundabout is wide enough, you may be able to pull as far to the right as possible and allow the emergency vehicle to pass.  However, it is generally better to drive to your exit and pull to the right after you drive past the splitter island at your exit.


Exiting  the roundabout


Signal your intention to exit using your right-turn signal.  Watch for vehicles to your right.  Watch for and yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk on the exit leg.  Maintain a slow speed as you exit and accelerate when you are beyond the splitter island.

Orange vehicle making right turn


Yellow vehicle making left turn


Yellow and red vehicles proceeding straight through