Access Management

QUESTION 1How do I get permission to construct a private or commercial driveway to my property from a state highway?
Answer:Contact the local KDOT Area office in which the proposed driveway will be located. The KDOT Area Engineer or Area Superintendent will assist you by providing you with the Highway Permit (DOT Form No. 309) and necessary additional information to secure a Highway Permit to work on Highway Right-of-Way. You will be asked to provide a detailed site plan, showing the details and dimensions of the proposed construction. The review and approval process by KDOT normally takes 2-4 weeks for a non-commercial driveway.
QUESTION 2Who needs to get a Highway Permit ?
Answer:Anyone who proposes to work on highway Right-of-Way. This work would include replacement, relocation, removal or resurfacing of an existing access connection.
QUESTION 3Who is responsible to provide the driveway culvert and pay for all materials and costs to construct a private or commercial driveway?
Answer:The abutting property owner or land developer is responsible for all costs incurred by the improvements on highway Right-of-Way.
QUESTION 4Can I use Concrete or Asphalt to surface my driveway and how thick does the Concrete or Asphalt have to be?
Answer:The KDOT District or Area office will determine whether asphalt or concrete will be used to surface your driveway and specify the minimum surface thickness depending upon the type and number of vehicles projected to use the driveway.