I-135 Gold Project

  • Looking at North Jct
    Improvements to Wichita's North Junction I-135 ramps to southbound I-235 began on April 5, 2021.
  • No Jct Loop Ramp
    Replacing the northbound I-135 loop ramp to southbound I-235 will be tremendous improvement that will make the North Junction much more efficient.
  • Future Flyover
    The northbound I-135 ramp will be replaced with a two-lane flyover ramp to southbound I-235.
  • SB I-135 to SB I-235
    The southbound I-135 ramp to southbound I-235 will be replaced. Expect daytime single lane traffic (with an 11' width restriction) on southbound I-135.


About the Gold Project

Work on the Gold Project Phase 2A began on April 5, 2021. Dondlinger Construction is the prime contractor on the $36,319,409 contract. Completion is planned for December 2023.

The highlights of the Gold Project Phase 2A include: replacement of the southbound I-135 ramp to southbound I-235, replacement of the northbound I-135 loop ramp to southbound I-235 with a two-lane flyover ramp and extension of the acceleration lane on the WB K-254 Ramp to SB I-135

Bids for the Gold Project Phase 2B were opened on Nov. 16. The prime contractor is Bergkamp King, A Joint Venture, LLC on the  $140,775,519.00 construction contract. Work began on Feb. 6 with a completion date in mid-2026.

Highlights include a direct connection for EB K-96 traffic from NB I-235 to EB K-96 and new ramps for WB K-96 at I-135.

Current Traffic Impacts

A long-term 11’ width restriction on the two lanes of SB I-135, 53rd St. to south of the I-235/K-254 is in effect.

An 11’ width restriction has been posted on WB K-254 to SB I-235.

The WB K-254 Exit to SB I-135 is CLOSED until March 17 to construct the lane extension for this ramp onto I-135. Traffic can continue onto SB I-235 to Broadway to NB I-235 to SB I-135.

SB I-135 from 37th St. to 21st St. is reduced to two lanes.

The SB I-135 exit ramp to EB K-96 has an 11' width restriction.

The SB I-135 Exit to 29th St. is CLOSED (long term).

Hydraulic Exit to EB K-96 is CLOSED (long term).

Coming Soon 

As a signing crew installs new signs on the project in the next few weeks, expect lane closures, 9 am until 3 pm, on I-135 from 53rd St. to K-96 and I-135 junction.

Lane closures for sign installations on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 7 pm - 6 am, on NB I-135 from K-96 to the Exit to K-254.

On Friday the 31st, 9 am – 3 pm, the NB I-135 Exit to EB K-254 (Exit 11B) will be closed to remove temporary concrete safety barrier plus install a widening for new guard rail (which will be installed next week).

The 29th St. North On Ramp to SB I-135 will be closed Saturday, April 1 from 7 am until noon to widen the ramp, re-stripe it and relocate the barrier wall.

More Information

Read the fact sheet on the three phases of projects for the North Junction reconstruction.

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