Southwest News Releases - 2015

Rodney Nix retires from KDOT (12/23/15)

KDOT conducting pavement strength tests in Clark County (10/26/15)

RR crossing repair this weekend on US-400 (10/23/15)

KDOT conducting pavement strength tests on K-23 (9/23/15)

K-190 resurfacing project in Grant and Haskell counties (9/16/15)

KDOT seeks public input on possible improvements to K-27 (9/8/15)

KDOT conducts pavement tests on US-54 (7/24/15)

K-4 resurfacing project starts (7/17/15)

Six Points in Liberal to get facelift (7/17/15)

K-27 road work underway north of Tribune (7/14/15)

Sitka Junction reconstruction about to start (7/1/15)

K-156 east of Hanston to get chip seal (7/1/15)

K-4 follow-up work in Ness County resumes (7/1/15)

KDOT conducting pavement strength tests across several counties (6/19/15)

K-25 project in Grant County resumes (6/16/15)

K-4 work in Lane and Ness Counties resumes (6/9/15)

US-56 reconstruction projects about to start (5/29/15)

Road work starts in Hugoton (5/6/15)

K-25 resurfacing project in Grant County (4/30/15)

K-34 road work in Clark County begins (4/27/15) 

K-25 in Lakin closed for RR crossing repairs (4/15/15)

Road reconstruction project in Jetmore ready to start (4/15/15)

KDOT to use online survey as part of US-50 corridor study, Dodge City to Kinsley (2/6/15)

KDOT reminds public of US-50 open house at Spearville (2/4/15)

KDOT begins study of US-50; seeks public input (1/22/15)

K-23 from Meade to Cimarron is now open (1/4/15)

U.S. 83 from Liberal to Sublette is now open (1/4/15)

U.S. 50 from Garden City to Dodge City and U.S. 56 from Sublette to Dodge City have now reopened (1/4/15)

U.S. 283 from Dodge City to Jetmore is now open (1/4/15)

US-56 closed from Sublette to Dodge City (1/3/15)

K-23 now closed from Meade to Cimarron (1/3/15)

US-283 closed Dodge City to Jetmore (1/3/15)

US-83 now closed from Liberal to Sublette (1/3/15)

US-50 Closed from Garden City to Dodge City (1/3/15)