Southwest News Releases - 2014


Field survey for bridge projects in Hamilton County (12/12/14)

One lane bridge on US-50 (11/17/14)

K-96 road work in Ness County to start (10/09/14)

KDOT testing pavement on US-50 (09/26/14)

US-283 road work in Hodgeman County (09/24/14)

KDOT to conduct pavement strength tests (09/22/14)

KDOT conducting pavement strength tests (09/05/14)

US-56 road work begins at Ensign (08/14/14)

US-83 project starts in Scott City (08/11/14)

Road work in Ulysses will detour traffic (07/29/14)

KDOT to add right turn lane at Ingalls (07/29/14)

US-50 work from Spearville to Kinsley (07/21/14)

K-27 project in Greeley County to start (07/18/14)

US-160 center line rumble strips (07/18/14)

Chip seal on K-27 & K-51 (07/17/14)

Shoulder rumble strips on US-83 north of Scott City (07/16/14)

K-25 bridge replacement in Kearny County (07/16/14)

Road work on K-4 begins (07/14/14)

KDOT conducting pavement strength tests (06/06/14)

Road Re-opens US-56 East Montezuma (06/06/14)

Road Closed US-56 East Montezuma (06/06/14)

Bridge repairs start on Marshall Road over US-400 (06/05/14)

K-156 road work in Hodgeman County (06/02/14)

US-160 project in Stanton County ready to start (05/28/14)

Resurfacing projects start in Morton County (04/29/14)

KDOT decision will preserve most of landmark (04/29/14)

Inspections planned for three Arkansas River bridges (04/21/14)

KDOT decision will preserve most of landmark (03/25/14)

US-50 project in Kearny County set to begin (03/21/14)

Field survey on K-96 through Scott City (03/14/14)