Northwest News Releases - 2021

Governor Laura Kelly Congratulates Rooks County for Receiving $1 Million in Cost Share Funds (11/22/2021)

Grainfield youth helps "Put the Brakes on Fatalities" (11/19/2021)

Governor Laura Kelly Congratulates City of Atwood for Receiving $147,500 in Cost Share Funds (11/18/2021)

Governor Laura Kelly Congratulates City of Colby for Receiving $1 Million in Cost Share Funds (11/18/2021)

Staffing shortages could impact KDOT winter operations in northwest Kansas (11/10/2021)

Gorham youths help "Put the Brakes on Fatalities" (11/09/2021)

K-383 project underway in Phillips County (11/05/2021)

U.S. 281 reopened north of Russell (10/21/2021)

KDOT to host public open house for K-383 project (09/29/2021)

Resurfacing projects starting in Thomas County (09/24/2021)

Chip seal project starting on K-27 in Sherman County (08/27/2021)

I-70 roadwork planned in Ellis County (08/13/2021)

U.S. 36 resurfacing to start in Norton County (08/04/2021)

Contractor approved for Phase I of K-383; construction starts this year (08/03/2021)

K-383 field survey underway in Norton and Phillips counties (07/21/2021)

Bridge field survey to start in Logan County (07/13/2021)

Traffic restricted on U.S. 40 bridge (06/30/2021)

Field survey planned in Phillips County (06/23/2021)

Resurfacing work planned in Gove County (06/02/2021)

Field survey to start on U.S. 36 bridge in Smith County (05/25/2021)

Road construction projects slated in Rawlins and Decatur counties (05/20/2021)

Survey starting on U.S. 24 bridge in Graham County (05/13/2021)

K-383 resurfacing project to start in Decatur County (05/07/2021)

Field survey underway in Wallace County (05/04/2021)

Bridge repairs starting on I-70 in Russell County (04/21/2021)

Survey work starting on U.S. 24 near Downs (04/08/2021)

Resurfacing project underway on I-70 in Thomas County (03/19/2021)

Resurfacing project starting on U.S. 183 in Rooks County (03/19/2021)

Field survey underway in Thomas County (03/18/2021)

Westbound I-70 reopened (03/15/2021)

I-70 closed at Hays (03/15/2021)

I-70 closed at WaKeeney (03/14/2021)

I-70 closed at Colby (03/14/2021)

I-70 closed at Goodland (03/14/2021)

Shoulder improvements starting on U.S. 281/24 in Osborne County (03/11/2021)

U.S. 281 to close north of Russell (03/08/2021)

K-383 comment period extended through March 19 (02/26/2021)

Public comments requested for K-383 project (02/23/2021)

Bridge surveys starting on I-70 in Thomas County (01/15/2021)

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