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ProjectWise is an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) used by KDOT design teams to collaborate securely and manage all project related documents, including but not limited to MicroStation design files, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, etc.

Currently there are two methods of accessing KDOT's ProjectWise system.

ProjectWise Web View Icon

ProjectWise Web View

KDOT utilizes Bentley’s ProjectWise system to electronically store archived final construction plans in what is known as our Electronic Plans Vault (eVault). ProjectWise Web View allows consultants and contractors a free method of accessing these PDF plan records via web browser.

For more information:

ProjectWise Web View - Evault Access Instructions

ProjectWise Explorer Icon

ProjectWise Explorer

The ProjectWise Explorer client is the primary user interface for ProjectWise that provides integration with Bentley's platform CAD applications and Microsoft Office from which design teams access KDOT's Production and Records Vault datasources containing project work areas, folders, and documents.

Requests for access to KDOT's production datasource are evaluated on a project-by-project basis. Please contact your KDOT project manager for more information. 

ProjectWise Explorer - Add KDOT Production Datasource Instructions



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