TOPS Law Enforcement Training Course

(Traffic Occupant Protection Strategies)

As part of the Presidential Initiative for Increasing Seat Belt Use Nationwide, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration developed Traffic Occupant Protection Strategies (TOPS) training for law enforcement agencies. TOPS covers a wide range of information addressing education and enforcement issues related to occupant protection and includes the dynamics of vehicle crashes and the risk faced by law enforcement officers. It also instructs law enforcement officers how to conduct an initial evaluation of a crash scene, and how to assist in crash reconstruction. The TOPS course is designed for state and local law enforcement officers who may or may not be involved in traffic law enforcement. The course consists of seven modules: three core and four optional. The workshop is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of:

General driving risks and driving risks for law enforcement.

The six types of crashes and crash dynamics.

The importance of restraints for law enforcement personnel.

The cost of traffic crashes.

Correct usage of seat belts and child safety seats.

Current air bag issues.

Local occupant protection issues.

Working with community advocacy groups and the media.

The Kansas Department of Transportation provides funding to facilitate local law enforcement agencies to participate in this training course.

For more information contact:
KDOT, Traffic Safety