Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

The Drug Evaluation & Classification Program - Drug Recognition Expert Training

The DRE Program is a nationally accredited training program targeting the ever-growing problem of drug impaired driving. The DRE curriculum is designed to give certified law enforcement officers the ability to identify persons who may be driving under the influence of a category of drugs, other than alcohol.

The DRE training consists of a two-day pre-school, to assess the candidate's qualifications for the training, followed by a seven-day main school. Upon successful completion of the academic training, an intense certification phase will commence, whereby the student candidate must demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in drug evaluations. This program is currently available to full time sworn police officers that have completed an approved Standardized Field Sobriety Testing training program and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (A.R.I.D.E.)

Upon successful completion of all training phases, the officer will be highly qualified to determine if a suspect is impaired, whether the impairment is drug related or medically related, and if drug related, what category or categories of drugs is likely to cause the observed and recorded impairment. The officer will then be able to offer expert testimony to the court.

DRE Training is offered annually, and candidates must apply for acceptance into the program on the prescribed application.

For more information and dates of classes contact:

Kansas Highway Patrol Breath Alcohol Unit
Lt. Matt Payne, State DRE Program Coordinator