The "school zone" starts at the front door of the school and includes the entire campus and as many of the surrounding neighborhood blocks that have a significant level of school-generated traffic. This usually includes the streets along the perimeter of the school and the area of one or two blocks surrounding it. When identifying a school zone, you should consider all types of travel modes and route possibilities. This zone should then be marked with special signage to alert drivers of the high concentration of children. School crossing signs, speed signs, school zone pavement markings and other traffic calming devices remind drivers to treat the area with special care and attention.

The School Zone Program is an excellent program provided by the State of Kansas that improves school zones in towns with a population of fewer than 20,000 people. The improvements to school zones that are provided include: pavement striping, school zone signs, and reduced speed assemblies.

If you are interested in applying for the School Zone Program, please contact Brain Gower, Kansas State Traffic Engineer, by phone at (785) 296-1181 or by email at Brian.Gower@ks.gov.

Additional information can be found in the Safe Routes to School Guide for School Zones and for school zone Signage and Markings