Non-Highway Use of Right-of-Way for:
Gateway/Welcome Features Landscaping and Artwork

1.  Purpose and Authority:

      a.  The purpose of this Policy is to (a) set forth KDOT’s guidelines for acceptable Non-Highway Use of ROW on NHS and SHS routes, (b) establish procedures for submission of requests to KDOT for non-highway uses of ROW, and (c) to provide a process for consistent handling of such requests across the state.

      b.  This Policy does not address Roadside Memorial signs. KDOT administers a DUI Memorial Sign program, known as The Kyle Thornburg and Kylie Jobe Believe Act, under the provisions of K.S.A. 68-444. Information about the program, including program requirements and how to apply, can be found on KDOT’s website at https://kdotapp.ksdot.org/MemorialMarker/index.aspx.

2.  Scope:

      All Gateway/Welcome Features, Landscaping and Artwork on the highway system will be required to comply with this policy. Prior installed Gateway/Welcome Features, Landscaping and Artwork will be required to requester under this agreement.

This policy provides for a consistent process and criteria that will be used by all agreement review personnel in KDOT.

3.  Documents:

      Policy on Non-Highway Use of Right-of-Way for: Gateway/Welcome Features, Landscaping & Artwork – 2019

      Attachment A - Right-of-Way Use Agreement

      Attachment B – Application Process for Non-Highway Use of Agreement

      Attachment C – Design and Placement of Gateway Features or City Identifiers

      Attachment D – Litter Removal / Mowing Permit Template

      Attachment E – Community Identifier Examples

      Attachment F – Landscaping and Gateway Features Design Submittal Guidelines

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