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The objective of KDOT’s Economic Development Program is to create new jobs and encourage capital investment in Kansas by helping fund transportation improvements that will recruit new businesses and encourage growth of existing businesses.

The Economic Development program is a flexible funding opportunity, allowing communities to apply for assistance for any transportation improvement that can be shown to support job growth and capital investment in the state. All transportation modes are eligible, including roadway (on and off the state system), rail, airport and public transit along with a preferred 25% minimum local match.

Eligible projects meet the following requirements:

  • • Improvement projects must address a transportation problem, such as promoting safety, improving access or mobility or relieving congestion.
  • • The new or expanding business must be non-speculative This program is not intended for improvements for future business recruitment.
  • • Other basic infrastructure must be in place or imminent such as water and other utilities.
  • • Improvement projects must create new jobs and capital investment in Kansas, not transferring business from one part of the state to another.
  • • The project must have the support of local leaders, such as elected officials and/or a chamber of commerce.

For more information or to request an application, please contact:

Michelle Needham
Economic Development Programs Manager