Prequalified Materials and New Product Approvals


Approvals of products or materials for use on KDOT projects depend on the type of product or material and whether it is currently referenced in the plans and/or specifications. Products or materials currently fall into three categories-those accepted on certification, those that must be prequalified, and those requiring both certification and prequalification. KDOT retains the right at any time to approve products and materials for any KDOT purposes.

Producers and vendors interested in supplying products and materials for use by KDOT should obtain a copy of the KDOT Standard Specifications from the Bureau of Construction and Materials (785-296-3576), review it and the related Special Provisions and review the current Pre-Qualified Materials List to determine how their product or material is being used in current operations.

If your product meets a current specification that does not require prequalification then it may be supplied to contractors for use on KDOT projects with proper certification.

If your product meets a current specification that requires prequalification, please submit paperwork and any required samples to Engineer of Tests, Materials and Research Center, 2300 SW Van Buren Street, Topeka, KS 66611-1195 for testing. Include the name and e-mail address of the preferred contact person so that KDOT can provide an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of submitted items.

If you have questions about if your product meets or may meet a current specification, please contact Susan Barker, P.E., Structural Materials Engineer, Bureau of Construction and Materials, at or 785-291-3830.



If your product is different than those described in the specifications and you wish to introduce it to KDOT for review and evaluation by the New Products Committee, please submit two completed copies of KDOT Form No. 1190 to address shown on the form. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Download from get acrobat) We recommend that you submit a product engineering package, marketing brochure, test data and other appropriate information along with the completed forms. Please contact: David Behzadpour, P.E., Technology Transfer Engineer (785-291-3847 or if you need assistance.