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KDOT OpenSuite Workspace

Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) video series on Connect Edition Workspace content and usage. This video series was produced using KDOT's CONNECT Edition v1.0 workspace release.



This series covers a general overview of the workspace including content and structure overview, model relationships, GEOPAK project migration, and feature definition utilization. 


Template Library

This series covers Template Library content and structure, corridor point naming, and modeling practices. 


OpenRoads Designer

This series covers OpenRoads Connect Edition including topics such as Earthwork Quantities, Reporting, and Terrain Models. 


Plans Production

This series covers Plans Production including Cross Section and Plan-Profile sheet setup (sheet creation, drawing boundaries, annotation). 


Subsurface Utility Design and Analysis (Suda)

This series covers Subsurface Utility Design and Analysis including a walkthrough of SUDA feature definitions, node and SUDA cells, drainage layout/rational flow analysis, and general troubleshooting procedures. 


OpenSite Designer

This series covers OpenSite Designer which includes Survey and Right of Way (ROW) functionality including CSV file import workflow demo with data download and manual manipulation of key feature representations (signs, 2 shot point features).


OpenBridge Modeler

This series covers OpenBridge Modeler, topics include but are not limited to a general walkthrough of the workspace resources (e.g. deck, barrier, beam, pier templates), initial setup and model initiation, applying superelevation and constraints, defining terrain, slab/beam/rail placement, point control and further development. 






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