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Bridges are an integral part of the highway system. They allow drivers to cross over valleys, streams and rivers, railroad tracks, other highways, or local roads and streets. A bridge is a structure that spans 20 feet or more in length above the feature it crosses. There is a wide variety of bridge designs, from plain concrete boxes under roads that cross small streams to lengthy structures that are made with piers, steel girders, concrete decks, and guard rails. The type of bridge design used depends on a number of factors, including the length needed, the volume of traffic, the height that is necessary beneath the bridge, and the amount of funding available to build it.


Fact Sheets

     Bridge Glossary                                                            Bridge Inspection

     Bridge Age                                                                   Ownership By County

     Deficiencies                                                                  Posted Bridges

     Fracture Critical                                                            Structure Type

     KSDOT Structure Log