Kansas Safe Routes to School

The Federal-aid Safe Routes to Schools Program (SRTS) remains an eligible program under the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) that is authorized under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). Through the SRTS program, funds are available for a variety of projects, and to administer SRTS programs that benefit elementary and middle school children in grades kindergarten through eighth.

These programs are intended to be comprehensive, combining five components, referred to as the "5 E's". These components are:

  • Education – Teaching children about the broad range of transportation choices, instructing them in important lifelong bicycling and walking safety skills, and launching driver safety campaigns in the vicinity of schools.
  • Enforcement – Partnering with local law enforcement to improve compliance with traffic laws in the vicinity of schools (this includes enforcement of speeds, yielding to pedestrians in crossings, and proper walking and bicycling behaviors), and initiating community enforcement such as crossing guard programs.
  • Encouragement – Using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling.
  • Evaluation – Monitoring and documenting outcomes and trends through the collection of data, including the collection of data before and after the interventions(s).
  • Engineering – Creating operational and physical improvements to the infrastructure surrounding schools that reduce speeds and potential conflicts with motor vehicle traffic, and establish safer and fully accessible crossings, walkways, trails, and bikeways.

SRTS Phases Eligible for Funding and Funding Limits Under the Transportation Alternatives Program*
Master Plan DevelopmentUp to $20,000
Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation ActivitiesUp to $50,000
Preliminary Engineering/Pre-Construction on routes to/from school identified in a community plan**Up to $75,000
ConstructionNo defined limit

*Funding levels for FFY22-23 and may change for next Call for Projects
**Awarded communities will be provided and expected to follow the Consultant Selection Guide for PE and Pre-construction work.

Safe Routes to School Master Plans Developed Since 2016:

Photo credits:
All photos from PBIC Image Library
Cross guard, father and kids: Dan Burden
Senior and kids in yellow: Tool Design Group
Two girls walking: Brandon Whyte
Girl on bike in bike lane: Dan Burden